We’ve created an online shop customized for newspapers. It’s easy and intuitive to administrate and use. Yet flexible when it comes to pricing and packaging products. One click shopping is possible thanks to single sign-on. And through all the information collected in the CRM and statistics databases you have all you need to engage in successful business.

…It's also a paywall

What we've created

My Account

The customers own overview - showing the total engagement with you; account details, products, transactions and of course the possibility to administrate their information.

Single Sign-On

The customer only needs to log in once to gain access to all systems. It’s easy, comfortable and enables one-click shopping. (OAuth2)

Products & Pricing

Administrate and display your products and packages in an attractive way and make them easily accessible and easy to buy.

Purchase Flow

The purchase flow, or “paywall”, is the online shop. This is where customers register, activate and buy your products. An intuitive interface, safe payments through for example card and sms guarantees customer security.


This is where we gather all the knowledge about the customer. We know who, we know what, we know when and we know how much. We are learning more and more every day thus creating great possibilities for personalized sales.

Customer Admin

This is the inside, the administrative interface where you administrate and see the total customer commitment; account information, which products the customer has or has had and so on.


No limits. PayWay is adaptive to integrations with exsisting systems, like subscription systems, customer databases, and open for external payment solutions.


Follow up. Not always fun but important. And the best way to get to know which products are being used and bought. What is your revenue on different products, do you need to twist your offers? Et cetera.

Purchase flow

You’ve given your digital content away for free for the last time. PayWay allows you to display and offer your products in a new way. It’s pretty much like an online shop, just as for any other product, but with extra everything – from registration and login to one-click shopping.

The purchase flow has an intuitive and responsive user interface, which works no matter which device the customer uses: laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Click. Pay. Access.

Single sign-on

With single sign-on the login is valid at multiple places. When you’ve been authenticated one time you don’t have to login again only because you are visiting another site.

Tulo is working as a identity supplier for the customers digital identity and makes it possible for the customer to move between services which are integrated with single sign-on without the need to login again each time when moving between services. The verification of identity is automatic and behind the scenes.

Single sign-on uses OAuth2 technology which makes it possible for online programs and services to act in the customers name, of course without knowing username and password.

When the authentication flow succeeds an access token is returned. The access token can, depending on rights, be used for getting profile details like name, e-mail etc.

Customer administration

This is the inside, the administrative interface that allows easy customer management. Customer admin provides a total customer overview, showing the full customer commitment.

This is the perfect database for information when talking to customers; it has the customer’s account information, their current products, previously purchased products, etc. Naturally, it is easy to update a customer’s personal information if necessary, as well as to start and finish subscriptions – i.e. to administer your customers.

PayWay gallery

This gives you a glimpse of our product, but we do recommend that you contact us for a proper demo to get the whole picture.

Change profile information and send link to mobile loyalty card. Activate subscriptions for newspaper subscribers.

Customer profile overview


The administrative interface for packaging and pricing is where you create and make your products available to potential customers. The forms are dynamic, making it possible to sell anything from newspaper subscriptions to bicycles. It’s easy to manage, ready to use and yet totally flexible.

Products & Pricing


Customer service at your fingertips.



Find customers with a powerful search engine; get instant results.

Quick intuitive search


Follow the cash flow and analyse the success of your products and packages.



See how a marketing campaign affects the number of account registrations.

Account statistics


The dashboard is a customizable overview of statistical data, complete with key figures that provide relevant information about your business.

Statistics Dashboard


This is the customer’s own page and shows his/her relationship with you. It’s almost identical to what administrators can see in the customer admin area. Customers can see produtcts, dates, and transactions and change their account details. They can also activate their mobile loyalty cards and special offers, log in to buy products and start to take part of digital content.

My personalized customer page

My page

See your products and packages. See transactions and balance.

Purchase history

My page

Register a new account. Activate a digital account. Log in to buy products/see digital content.

The Login- / Activation screen

Purchase Flow

Order is saved and access to the product is enabled. The Tulo account is also activated.

Purchase complete

Purchase Flow

Of course your customers can purchase your products from any device desired.


Purchase Flow

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